Whispery wings
Brush past my cheeks.
I am enmeshed
In dew-moist traces.

Redwood needles
Cushion my steps.
The silence –
Profound, deep, ancient.

Sound of skittering bird,
Whirl of dragonfly,
Fragrance of dusty resin
From heart of redwood tree.

Mother Earth
Cries for water,
For healing Presence.

The air is filled
With Angels,
Ready to be called.

I connect to Earth Mother.
I connect to Angelic Presence.
I connect to Source.

My shoulder blades
Sense where wings once fluttered.
My Radiant Heart
Surrounds the planet.



Dive into Now.
Know the Infinite.

Feel the Presence
Wrap you in the Light
Of the quantum field
Of pure potentiality.

Be with
Quiet Mind.

Be with
Softened Ego.

Be with
Open Heart.

Allow the Presence
To pour Love’s Light
Into every cell of your Being.

Be with
The Oneness of All That Is.

Love’s Light
From your Heart.

You are with the Light.
You are of the Light.
You are Light.

Light illuminates your Path.
Heart knows where feet must go.

Follow the Light.

Follow the Light.

Follow the Light.

Opening hearts
Awakening minds

Feel strong wings
Lifting you up
So that you may soar.

Softening egos
Sweetening voices
Gentling eyes
Are yours to experience.

Your heart leads the way.

One step,
one step more,
and so the journey

Have faith.
You walk with Angels
towards Home.

Once upon a time
The world was solid
Bones, skin, flesh made real
Through thought and word.

Once upon a time
I knew …
Sky was blue
Grass was green
Rain was wet.

Suddenly —
No more knowing.
Bone and flesh —

Arm bent like Gumby.
Body, flesh, skin —
No difference.

Through the skin
Molecules greeting each other
In passing —
Sliding between —
No separation.

Arm re-members
Finds its width, depth, heft.
“There you are!”

Skin against skin
Bone made dense
Flesh made dense
Around it less dense.

… still …

This land is ancient.  The wild lonely wind whips from one horizon to another, sweeping the land of all high plants.  Spongy and moss-like, water pools in my footprints on the Connemara high bog.  The speckled grey, green, ocher boulders, jut out of the landscape, lonely sentinels to the wide-open sky, wildflowers massed in the crevices.  A small lake is contained in a low place next to the freshly paved road from Roundstone to Clifdon.

This land is ancient.  My eyes see the land, ground, boulders, lake.  Overlaid, as if through a veil, I see an ancient tribe camped by the lake, smoke fires, women cooking, men repairing tools, children gathering water for the evening meal.  I see the land of eight thousand years ago.  In the distance, scattered trees — stunted, spreading oak-like, twisting limbed. The air is warmer and the light is different, perhaps it is summer in that time and place. I sense I know this place from a previous life.

This land is ancient.  So much blood has been spilt; rivalry, hatred, revenge.  We have grounded violent and dark energies into the Earth for cleansing.  We are detached from the land; unaware of planting and regeneration cycles, unaware of the aliveness of rock, soil, water, plants, animals.  This land will no longer soak up our blood, our hate, our separateness.  It has been patiently waiting for communion, returning, respect and gratitude of its unconditional loving partnership.  Tendrils of compassion and hope are alive that we will Awaken to the Oneness.

Listen to this ancient land.  Open your heart and listen.  She awaits.

Mother Earth, Father Sky,
Thank you for your lightening and thunder dance.
For the west coast this is a spectacular gift!
Thank you.

I stand under the stars on our hill.
Dry grass smells of fresh rain.
Sky jumps with bolts of God-light.
Air roils, thunder turning sound inside out.

To the East, to the South, to the West, to the North,
Surrounded by God’s message made visible.
What is your message of Love?

“You are not alone.
Unseen forces are here to help you to Wake Up.
My Love is expressed in Light and Sound.
My Love is abundant.

My Love for you is
In every blade of grass,
In every drop of water,
In the air you breathe,
In the land you walk upon.

My Love for you has no bounds,
No rules,
No barriers to experience.

All bounds, rules, barriers and obstacles
To feeling my Love for you
Are created by you
Within your physical existence.

My Children,
Know that you are in free will and choice,
Including the choice to feel my Love for you.

Look deep into your heart and ask,
What brings you Joy?

What brings you Joy that
Flows up from the soles of your feet,
Radiates out of your heart,
Makes your voice sing?

Wake up to that Joy.
Remake Earth as an expression of that Joy.
God’s Joy.
The Joy of Creation.”

Mother Earth,
I thank you for your beauty, your generosity, your love.
Your beauty is everywhere — I thank you.

I thank you for your physical self : your soil, your water, your air, your trees.
I thank you for your spiritual self.
I thank you for your energetic self.

I thank you for not shaking us off like fleas off a dog.

I am yours.
Use me to heal your toxicity, your pain, your trauma.
Use me to transmute your sorrow into joy.

We are your children.
We are Children of the Earth.
Thank you for being a good Mother for our growing up.

My heart is your heart.
Your heartbeat is my heartbeat.
I feel your awakening in my whole being.

Blessed be.